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Категория: NFS Underground 2 | Добавил: gera-f1 | Автор: Пляс Павел Алексеевич
Просмотров: 36546 | Загрузок: 14127 | Комментарии: 45 | Рейтинг: 4.2/43 |
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43 Boywowlflicle  
Do your self a favor and rent, a few of the bits are great enough for $3.Just became done watching this stoned nevertheless only some than it was funny...Doug Benson is extremely good and quite a few others, however, some of the bits fall way short. This doesn't happen help that the production is mediocre, just watch a clip. The sound is poor, not horrible but poor. The laugh track (that's apart of each and every comedy show and sitcom ever) is utterly innacurate at most parts; not I would normally care yet it is so distracting to the stage I started picking out things gone wrong with all the production just like the mismatched levels of all of the music cues. Seriously seems like a complete pothead put it together. This movie is basically great!! I have come across it frequently, and I never get tired of it (Same is true of the 1st and 2nd movies). Sci fi fans will enjoy this movie. Definitely check out this movie!!! It truly is worth every penny! It's sad they did not make more though. Okay...they find this wired rock that summons a creature something like that and during a lockdown a number of people get stuck inside together with the alien. I don't know-I only really saw it for the alien. The alien became cool. It appears as if it has the head of any fly, but that is only the top of it's head. It's small beady black eyes are hidden beneath a visor-like piece of skull. The nation's pendepalps of a predator and also a baisic body build of the Xenomorph, or "Alien" from the alien series. The feet of any predator and hands being a crocodile-human hybrid. It's tail it as being a Xenomorph's, and it feeds on *gasp* people (What else?). It's babies look like the facehuggers with the Alien series, other than they have the head of it's momma and they also eat people alive. It runs as being a three legged deformed retard bunny. I would not remember much, even so the people were kind of dumb (let's catch the alien by using a cage. oh, furthermore, let's stand it the cage and talk although it lurks inside shadows and kills us.) and also the storyline didn't make much sense. It had been dark and that means you couldn't see much, and it was kind of gory. Overall it absolutely was okay and was very good for a knock-off of the Alien Series. So, becoming a sucker for a period piece, practically any period piece, I went ahead and purchased this movie. No rental option was available. Intriguing storyline, beautiful scenery, Tom Wilkinson superb remember. Nonetheless, Helen Hunt's performance annihilated this movie. Her delivery was forced and predictable. Her voice was shrill. Once or twice I actually said what she would definitely say before she delivered the fishing line. I had to rewind twice to listen for Hunt's lines while i caught myself gazing at her mouth completely consumed by questions of why the make-up artist hadn't done a more satisfactory job of touching up her lipstick as an alternative to listening to the dialogue. I have no idea the fact that was wrong with Johansson this occassion. Flat and emotionless, sometimes nearly laughable. Even her wig seemed askew though I have points for bringing more drama to your screen versus the person toting. It took me three days to watch this movie so i only tied to it since i bought the darned thing. Two stars for Tom Wilkinson, beautiful scenery and costumes. wow this movie revives a lot of memories. why this movie one among my favs happens because it has Judith (she plays the voice from the little girl) is at it. she died prior to this movie was relised so she never saw the thrill this movie made. she was only 10. to read her story just enter in Judith Berzsi on Google and find out what happens. it will make u cry 8(

42 avtoexperts  
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39 Антоха  
А та котороя было надо удальть!??

38 Антоха  
а надо скачивать здесь где написано скачать с сервера??

37 Антоха  
чё за х***я всё сделал правельно захожу а сохранялки нет???

36 xD  
Пиздец сидят уебаны которые лазеют по форумам нехуя не знают и те кто спрашивают которым нажна помощь тупо выебаются, которые нехуя из себя не представляют уебаны малолетнии..Имхо таким тока ебло бить а не помоь просить

35 Alpine  
спасибо парни все четко пошло хотя у меня виста!

34 Fake  
ребят ребят вы уроды,пздц не могут нормально отвечать обсирают герой вообще пздц,морально униженные

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